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This elegant Sauvignon blanc with soothing and delicate aromas of mango and other tropical fruit gives this wine a special freshness and a long fruity aftertaste.

Sauvignon blanc "Brid" is one of the few sauvignons produced in Dalmatia.
Our sauvignon comes from Vrgorac fields and has a unique production technology based on a particular way of picking berries. To create the best wine, berries of various different maturity are used and combined. Therefore we harvest crops at certain time of the year and use cold fermentation to achieve the best harmony of aromas.

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Trnjak has a very intense dark ruby-red color. Combined with a characteristic smell of chocolate, black pepper, and black fruit it is a delicious, elegant, harmonious, aromatic wine with balanced tannins. That feeling only amplifies as the wine opens up to unleash a bold and full body.

The yield per vine was 0.80 kg. Controlled fermentation and maceration lasted approximately 12 days. The wine then matured in Slavonian, French or American oak barrels.
Trnjak is an old, almost forgotten black wine variety originating from Dalmatian Zagora (Imotski, Vrgorac) and Hercegovina.
Trnjak is the recommended variety for the "Dalmatinska Zagora" sub-region climate, and ours is grown in the "Vrgorska Vinogorje" plains.
Previously, it was mostly grown in the Split-Omiš-Makarska, Neretva, and Imotski areas.
Therefore, we are proud to refine and revamp this forgotten variety in our winery in Omiš.

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"PRIMA CURA" Kujundžuša

Translated from Latin, it means "First concern", so we pay special attention to it with the desire to bring this variety and its characteristics closer to all wine lovers. Light to medium body, mineral with a long retention of taste, crisp acids and fruity aromas.

When making our "Kujundžuša" one part of the grapes comes from the hill part of Imotski, where yields are reduced and malts are higher. The rest of the grapes come from the Imotski fields. The wine is characterized by a light and bubbly body with fruity overtone, and mild acidic aftertaste that make this wine an excellent choice for everyday enjoyment.

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The blend of "Plavac mali" derived from "Postup" and "Trnjak" with matching representation of each in this mix, started like a serious wine with great potential, but since then has exceeded even our expectations.

On both varieties, the yield per vine was around 0.80 kg.
This Bordeaux-style blend is the premium labeled variety of our winery.
Trnjak tamed the tannins of Plavac, while Plavac gave that bold and refined touch to Trnjak. Even by the smell, you can sense both varieties in this distinctly delicious blend. It matures in French and American oak barrels.